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Things are heating up around Witt's End - literally. The irritating perky irritating weatherguy on t.v. informed me just last evening it was gonna hit 92 today.

Which of course totally ticks me off.

Because I am a cold weather person, because summer raises the fear of wildfires, because I am as pale as a (pale) sheet, and, despite my Self Discovery of some eight weeks ago I have yet to fit properly into my summer clothes.  

{Which naturally makes me wish I had discovered my Self Discovery back in January or February rather than March.  But at least I made it, and am still working on it.

Just. Keep. Running.

Thus, some time this morning was devoted to the discussion entitled "Putting In The Yard".

At our last abode we had a large yard; about an acre of grass, trees, etc... which required around four hours of weekly tending to "keep up".

{Evidently "keeping up" a yard is terribly important. One learns these things as one grows into an adult.

A condition which, for the most part, pretty much sucks.}

Here at Witt's End Upon The Rock we will not have as much grass, though we do have more property - and of course, rocks.

{Which I ignore and try, (more or less successfully), not to run into with the car.}

Though I have been thinking we could use some of those rocks to build ourselves one of these:


A pondless waterfall.  It would be perfect for the spot I'm thinking (in the back near the "ledge", facing the courtyard).  

Hopefully when if the earthquake comes the waterfall won't crash down the hill , roll into my neighbor's house and smash their dog.

{I'm quite fond of dogs.  I don't even try to run over the irritating Chihuahua across the street.}


I'm also thinking these raised garden beds would look perfect in the back yard. Where the grass, (well, when we get grass,) ends.  

I imagine them wide, filled with silverlace pehaps, which will flow over and trail around.  



Or perhaps something like this glorious display of Lobelia...


Wouldn't that be pretty to gaze upon when one glances out the window?

{Much nicer than the dirt and dog poop piles I'm currently attempting to avoid.}


Naturally I have pinned all these ideas to my Pinterest Boards.  {Some I no doubt dscovered on Pinterest.  I really can't remember.}


At any rate You should no doubt dash right over and follow me on Pinterest and see what else is going on there.


And don't forget to let me know:  What projects are you planning for your yard and garden this year?

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas!

IOSW Ribbet collage 2

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