Almost Summer
Time Of Your Life

Mind Slumps & Smokin' Heels


I gotta admit it:  I’m in a mind slump.

I wanna get the summer homeschool schedule going – but then again I don’t wanna.

I wanna spray paint (practically) everything in sight (including the dog) – but it sounds like work which I seem to be against at the moment.

I wanna decorate and re-do my shabby, smushy chair (using a variation of an interesting idea I saw, naturally, on pinterest) – but oh mah goodness it does seem like a difficult undertaking.

To move ahead.  To get going.  To accomplish something.

Our family word for the year is Tenacious.  (I like it so much I might chose it again next year).

But the only area I’m really feeling tenacious in right now is running on that treadmill.

On one hand the treadmill has helped me out tremendously; on the other I feel like the treadmill is sapping the energy right outta my soul.

It’s become a main focus of my day:  Have I run yet?  When will I run?  I can’t do (insert any number of things) because I hafta get on the treadmill.

I think I’m becoming a bit obsessed.  (I do tend to do that).

Can an obsession be healthy?  Can it be positive, leading toward self actualization and the realization of a goal?

I suppose; though the word itself is thick with negative connotations; conjuring up images of cults, eating disorders, fatal attraction scenarios, that sort of thing.

Of running, running on that treadmill till my feet begin to smoke.  Erupting in red flames and white smoke.

{Though I seriously doubt that is gonna happen.}

Still – I need to rise up out of this mind slump.

To paint these shelves this loverly blue (called lagoon, a word I actually dislike though we won’t go there).  To do something about that chair which doesn’t involve tossing an Ikea comforter over it.   To implement that summer schedule, see how it works out, and never look back.

To keep rocking, to keep moving, to keep running. 

Enjoying the smoke comin’ off the back of my shoes.  Glancing behind just now and again to watch it rise up, white and thinning, against that too blue summer sky.


Firefly_jar IOSW

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