Stretching Myself
Five Gratitudes For Monday

Small Stretches = Surprising Results



I’ve been thinking a lot, and talking a bit, about Stretching Myself.

Sticking a timid toe outta that comfort zone.  Ignoring the possibility of rapids ahead

{Mixing mah metaphors and not caring who knows it!}

And here, as promised, are a few of the ways I have Stretched Myself in the last six months:

~Beginning and running a homeschool group and holding it in my home.  Though I’ve homeschooled many years (my oldest just graduated from college) this was a first for me!

~Beginning a Bookgroup.  I’m simply not a “group person”; not really a “joiner”.  But I began and am keeping alive the Witt’s End Bookgroup.


~Conquered my fear of public speaking. 

Honestly I’m still not certain of just how this came about.  But for some reason I no longer experience heart palpitations and dry heaves at the thought of having to speak before a group.  Of course I’m not saying I could give a moving or inspiration speech before hundreds of people.  Well, not yet at least…


~Begun exercising hard, and sticking with it.  {Well…hard for me….}

Though I’ve done this in the past it’s been a looonng time.  For some reason March of 2013 was my month to begin, and I think I’m in it for the duration this time.  {Keep your fingers crossed and light a candle for me!}


~Reached out to neighbors, formed new friendships, gotten more involved.  Though to be frank our old neighborhood was simply not as friendly as our new one.  Ironic, since our old neighborhood was pretty much a regular type subdivision and the new is a canyon with homes sprawled hither and yon.

Yet the people here are friendlier, more interesting, more accepting.  I was actually asked to participate as a leader in cub scouts and talk to neighbors/friends on a regular basis.

How odd it is to know and feel accepted by more people here after three years than I did after twenty in our old place.

{Makes me wish we’d moved earlier!}


~Kicked the diet coke habit.  As a twenty year addict this was toughier than it may sound and does qualify as a Stretch.

Though I really wish the people around me would follow my example.  {Heard of sabotage....?}


Yes these are only six examples, some larger than others; but all with surprising life changing results.

It’s amazing how the small things can add up.

So….  What sort of small changes do you think you’d like to make?  What three goals can you set for yourself to accomplish in the next month?  Just three -  just for one month.  Then reassess and see how it’s going.

I’m thinking you’ll probably want to continue, and perhaps even add more!

Check out my original Stretching Myself post right here. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  I’d love someone to chat with during the Journey!

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