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6 Things I Need To Stop Doing



Burning my forehead with the curling iron.

I mean really, how long have I been using a curling iron.  Sheesh...


Failing to make certain the dang slowcooker is plugged into a plug which actually works (ie:  whose "button" hasn't "popped") before leaving it for a couple hours.

Dinner will be served at 9.........ish.  


Forgetting Neglecting to take the shirts right out of the dryer when the cycle is finished.

This is how things wrinkle.....


Reading books by Dan Brown.  Really.  Just stop!  Watch the movie and read something great.


Stare at the dust bunnies beneath the couch when I'm doing planks.  It's depressing and totally ruins my concentration.


Listening to youtube while "shopping" on Pinterest.  Though I enjoy these two things, they are a total waste of time.

I should allow myself perhaps 10 minutes a day, do you think?  And slowly wean myself away from these time devouring demons of social media?


What do you need to stop doing?

Please share! Misery does love company....

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