Five Gratitudes For Monday
On The Mend

Why I Refuse to Join A Gym


1-    It costs money and I am notoriously cheap.

2-   There are other people at gyms.  I have rather a hard time with other people, though I am working on it.  

3-   They would no doubt expect me to wear something other than pajamas, and I like working out in pajamas.

4-  Other people I am not actually related to use and touch the equipment.


5-   I would have to drive all the way there and all the way home again.

6-   How would I watch the stuff I’ve recorded to watch while I’m on the treadmill if I'm on the treadmill at the gym?

7-   Someone perky might tell me to “Have a great day!” after I’ve worked out and am all red faced and sweaty and in a bad mood.

This could end badly.

8-   My shower is at my house, not at the gym.

Nuf said.

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