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Breaking Eardrums


Sunday July 14 {Week 28}

{What's up with the weird Week 28 stuff?  Find out right here in Reaching Those Goals.}

Our Sunday Dinner and a Movie Tradition continues (I've just been remiss and haven't been recording it here).

We watched this



Naturally the kids liked some parts of it more than others.  

 {Ron Howard/Opie as Winthrop cracked us up, as did The Music Man's Robert Preston's flim flamming.  

Though I am sad to admit there were some rather rude comments made about Shirley Jones' singing, with several people complaining their "eardrums were breaking" when she hit those high notes.


One fears one has raised Philistines.}

Dinner was a success, consisting as it did of steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms, seasoned steak fries, and fresh vegies.  {Being gall bladderless and not overly fond of the effects of red meat, and potatoes I ate mostly the sauteed and fresh vegies.

But don't worry, I made up for it with dessert.

Curlytop made this lovely dessert, a new recipe for us which was haled by all and sundry as a success.

Triple Layer Banana Creme Pie Bars

 Give it a try and tell me what you think.

And let me know whether you've seen, and whether you enjoyed, The Music Man.

{I just hope Shirley Jones doesn't read this.

Sorry Shirley...}

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