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Filling the June Realms


It’s the Final Day of June.

I haven’t made great strides in each of the Seven Realms this month.  But I’m going to try to be as kind to myself as possible (this is hard for me), and know I’ll continue on and have better news to report to myself and the universe at the end of July!



I have kept exercising though the heat is horrible and I am not a hot weather person (and never shall be no matter how eloquently Scott waxes about “acclimation”).   

I won’t even mention my sciatica….



 Going camping honestly helps enhance my Spiritual Realm a great deal, and unfortunately we haven’t been able to do that yet this year.  (This is unprecedented and very irritating – we usually begin our camping season in March or so, letting it linger well into October).

But this month has held some new beginnings, and some trying times.  And such things are always hard on and filled with the Spiritual aren’t they?

All in all I’d say we’ve done pretty well in this Realm during the month of June 2013.




Well, aside from not going on a vacation in June (and thus saving a buncha money) and getting a “great deal” on this (a dubious achievement at best), I’m really not feeling we made ginormous strides in this area.

(Though I do like the word “ginormous”).

On to July!


Family/Home Culture 

I’ve set up the Summer Schedule and enforced a stricter routine with Little Bit who is definitely in need of a firmer hand. (Yes he’s a wild and crazy kidlet).

 Also we’ve mapped out the camping schedule a bit, fitting trips in our too busy schedule as best we’re able.



I have finished my current WIP (work in progress) and begun the next.  That’s something I think.



Well, Bookgroup was cancelled this month (though not by me!) so that social outlet kinda bombed out. Though I did get to see some brother and sister’s in law whom I haven’t seen in a while (unfortunately the cause of our get together was certainly less than ideal….)

To be honest I think summer is a hard time for this Realm.  Though we’ll see what July holds.  Hopefully fellowship not involving hospitals!



What have I learned this month??

Well…. I have no idea.



And that, my friends, is my Filling of the Realms for this month.

How was your June 2013?

Are you on track to fulfill your goals?

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