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Things I’ve Learned In August


1-  Treadmill running when your sciatica is in full rage mode, causing your back to be “out” is impossible.  No matter how good your intentions and how determined you are.

This is extremely irritating.

2-  Having a garden once again is lovely.  Especially considering Scott and Little Bit planted it, someone else has always turned on the water to water it, Little Bit loves harvesting, and as we cover the dirt with soaker hoses and black plastic (planting through slits in the plastic) it never requires weeding.

Of course I’ll be in charge of tomato bottling in a couple of weeks.

But that’s ok.


3- Allowing your baby to go off across the country for four months without you is really, really hard.

Even when that baby is 23.


4-  Backing down from my principles is impossible.  Renegotiating them with myself is difficult.

Finding a compromise with myself and the universe takes weeks.

Perhaps longer.

Hypocrisy is an ugly word.

I hope it doesn’t apply to me.


5-  It’s possible to turn on one of the Breakfast Room’s light via that switch beside the toile curtain.

And to think I built this house and have only lived here for over three years.


5a-  It’s difficult to explain what the toile curtain is to a teenage boy.


6-  I don’t dislike the hot tub as much as I’d imagined I would.

In fact I rather like it, and look forward to using it when the snow flies.

Though sitting it in longer than fifteen minutes gives me a headache.

And it’s alarmingly deep.


7-  Chopping down an actual tree with an actual ax  is amazingly difficult.

I have no idea how the pioneers managed it.

Even when said tree is already dead.

{I imagine live trees to be tougher for some reason.

Perhaps because they’re alive.}

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