August Gains
As The Dog Watches. 9/10/13

Pinterest, Children, & Backs


My back is OUT.

Meaning it isn't working properly.

Meanig I am currently sitting with several heated rice bags, my laptop atop my lap (which does make sense I suppose; though I do prefer writing at my desk), and feeling rather fuzzy headed whilst on pain meds and muscle relaxers.  

Quite irritating.  

Illness, or in this case inmobility, cuts into my schedule.  

Interrupts my life.

Messes up my days.

So naturally I have been sneaking some peaks at pinterest.

And thinking of this guy, who, last I heard, was touring around the Smithsonian.

And this one

currently enjoying a medieval feast following two days of knighthood training and a rousing battle.

And though I have gotten some writing accomplished today, it wasn't enough.

And though pinterest is fun, it certainly isn't even the faintest glimmer of a shadow of a substitute for spending the day with either of those two guys; doing what they're doing, seeing what they're seeing.

(Sense a bit of self pity there?

Hmmmmm yeal, me too.}

Still, I am inspired by this:

HC Anderson


And thinking (yes already) of decorating for those upcoming holidays by checking out this...



{Though how I will be able to decorate for those holidays with this back is anyone's guess.}


And I'm wanting to curl up right here....

Smushy couch

 {If only my back would allow me to curl...}


And finally, smiling at this

Be quiet!


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