This Future Is Weird

Organization for the {Temporarily} Insane


Ah lovely, you're back!

Yesterday’s mission (which I do hope you decided to accept), was to Envision The Real You.

To envision where you were meant to be, what you were meant to be doing at this point in your life.

{To be honest this may take some thought, so it’s ok if that image of yourself is a bit fuzzy still.

Keep working on it.

(As everyone with a whit of sense realizes Self Actualization is an ongoing process).

Emerson quote

The next step?  Yes I'm afraid it's Organization.

Getting yourself organized, even to the smallest degree, is a must upon the road to a rich Home & Family Culture.

{Yes I know, terribly sorry but it’s true.}

As we all know there are about fifty gazillion organizational methods milling about in the world.  Each touting itself as The Method To Use, each clamoring for your attention.  And I’m sure many, perhaps all, of these methods work.

Because as we all also know true organization depends solely upon you.

There is no magic pill, or app, or notebook which will pull up your bootstraps and organize your life for you. 

You’ve gotta grit your teeth, step in, and get busy.

And yes this stinks. 

{Although many untruthful people will insist it doesn’t.

Luckily I’m not one of them.}

My preferred method for organization is The 7 Realms Method.

{I hasten to assure you the fact I developed this method myself has nothing to do with my favoritism.}

It’s simple to use yet broad in scope.  It encourages you to gaze clearly at the Big Picture, while simultaneously allowing each step upon the path toward that Big Picture to be clearly visible.

Thus your assignment (I do hope you choose to accept it) for Day 2 is either: 

A-  Check out the 7 Realms Organizational Method.  Think big.  List out where you imagine yourself in a year in each of the Realms, list out steps toward each goal which will help you move steadily and surely down the path.


B-  Grab up whatever organizational tool which may have helped you in the past, give it another chance.  Check out Pinterest (my Organization Board is right here) for ideas.  Google organization.  As I’ve said there are a plethora of approaches and methods out there just awaiting your inspection.

Make this as simple and stress free for yourself as possible.  Just list a few thinga, the big things in the obvious areas.  Muse over it for a few days, even for a week or so.

The road toward a rich Home & Family Culture is filled with small steps and amazing leaps.  Getting Organizing, recognizing what you Really Want In Life and Where You Should Be is a leap, one beginning with a lot of forethought and preparation.

And though today you may be thinking (as I often do!) that oh yeal, This Future Is Weird, planning for tomorrow is the only way you have of helping to mold it and all those other tomorrows into the future you want and were meant to have.


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