2013 In Review
Upon The Eve Once More...

2014 Cha Cha


This final day of 2013

will be (Heaven willing and yes indeed I do touch wood!)

peaceful and filled with joy.

I am Taking Joy for this new year.

Because each and every day is a Blessing; though naturally, because That’s The Way Life Is and The Way We Are, we fail to recognize this all too often.

There can be a bit of humor found in each mishap, each backward step – so long as it isn’t too serious – and there is always, always a lesson.

A message, a reminder from God, from the universe, from whatever belief you choose to embrace;

whichever faith seems right for you.

Today, or was it yesterday…  Sometime at some point, somewhere, I read each backward step we take is actually just a Cha Cha move.

Just a part of the Dance of Life.

Isn’t that a lovely image?

Exhausting, Dizzying, Laughter Filled, Unsettling.

Guaranteed to get your heart racing, make your feet ache, leave a smile upon your lips (if only a small trace); a cool sheen of sweat drenching your body.

It’s enlightening, enlivening, joyful, and often terrifying this life of ours.

These bodies of ours:  god given, earth blessed; strong, resilient, yet shockingly fragile.  Able to do so much:  run and lift, hands soft to hold a child, strong to chop wood, withstand cold and heat; yet with skin easy to break and bleed, bones which can be broken (and mended), hearts and minds steady enough to carry on through desperation and despair, tender enough to be shattered into confused bits – wandering searching, hurt, and lost.

So I choose to Take Joy this coming year.  I choose to Cha Cha (though dancer I am certainly not) through This Year of Our Lord 2014.

Two steps forward, one back.  The bone in my foot still in fragments (as it shall always be), the vertebrae in my back out of place, pinchin’ that nerve and causing me drama, this newest injury to my ear pulsing and throbbing in pain.

Though it shall heal.

And I, in laughter and pain and tumult and tenacious refusal to back down shall keep planning and plotting and carrying on the way I always have.

The way We always have.

I shall Take Joy despite the fear lurking just around the corner and the villains gathering just beyond the horizon.

Cha Chaing my way into 2014 with the fearless determination only a true non dancer could summon.

Accepting, embracing this Blessing as only a cha chaing fool can.

{And Lord knows, Heaven has always loved a good cha chaing fool.}

Year at witt's end