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How To Give Cash Part II

How to Give Cash Part I


Go to the dollar store and buy a nice little box of chocolates....



Remove the top layer of chocolates...



Open the cellophane over the bottom layer of chocolates, remove those chocolates (perhaps adding them to your stash for those future chocolate emergencies...)

And replace the chocolates with cash.

I used a variety of folded bills as well as a column of Susan B. Anthony dollars. 



 {N.B.  I first sealed the box back up, turned it over to wrap it, and heard the depressing tinkling of those Susan B. Anthony dollars jangling all around inside the box.

This was irritating.....}

So...I reopened it, and taped those bothersome coin dollars into a nice sticky stack.



Then I taped the cellophane back into place, replaced the top layer of chocolates, glued the box's flaps back down, and wrapped the entire thing in lovely Christmas paper and stuck on a bow...






It was then presented to one rather confused, bemused teenager Christmas Morning...

W chocolates

W choc 2

  W hey

W choc last


Meanwhile this was going on......


And yes, I did find this idea on pinterest.

Which totally proves pinterest is not a (total) waste of time.

Bwah hah hah....

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