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The Week Before Christmas


Sunday, December 15  Third Advent {it’s getting so close!}  Family Night Dinner & A Movie

Dinner:  Zuppa Soup (back again so soon by popular demand) & Bread Sticks (made from scratch by Curlytop).

Dessert:  These..... (also made by Curlytop)


 and yes they were delicious.

Movie:  Home Alone (the first one)

Monday, December 16  Leftovers Monday {I love Leftovers Monday}

And….Baking Day:  Speculaas & Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Tuesday, December 17    Southwest Chicken Salad for dinner (quick and easy).

And….Candy & Cookie Day:  Toffee, Fudge, Pistachio Wreath Cookies, Cranberry Bliss Cookies.

Wednesday, December 18  An Out Day for some of us.  Christmas Play; this year it’s Elf The Musical.  Dinner is a total unknown at this point; though we will be making Sugar Cookies. 

Thursday, December 19  {Dr. Appt.}  Baking Day:  Sour Lemon Bread, Gingerbread!  Dinner?  Perhaps something on the grill tonight…. I’ve been so busy planning Christmas the dinner menu has suffered…

Friday, December 20  Out Day:  Co Op Party.  Delivery of Gifts to “Our Special People”.  Bulk Cooking Shepherd’s Pie for dinner.

Saturday, December 21  Son&Heir Comes Home! 

And it is Solstice, the First Day of Winter; we light our Solstice Candle to welcome the return of the sun.  {Surely there’s a pun in there somewhere!}

Dinner:  Apple Cider Baked Chicken

Baking:  Dates, Banana & Cranberry Bread

Tidy the house and complete the finishing touches for Christmas Day.

And then the countdown really begins!

I'll be posting complete recipes and sources asap.

Isn't it a lovely, busy time!


Xmas tree santa