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 Begun January 7, 2014. Ending????? 

I've decided to walk around the earth this year (via treadmill, if it holds out.

Keep your fingers crossed).

Also if I can find my pedometer I might include the steps from it in my count.  Or perhaps I could stop somewhere along the way during my journey and buy a new one.  I really haven't decided.

From the mind scalding research I accomplished in the last minute or two, it is roughly 1870 miles (I think) from Witt's End to Anapolis

(Maryland.  You know - where the Naval Academy is),

as the crow flies & I walk.  

N.B.  Google warns me I will be unable to find sidewalks and pedestrian pathways along my route.

This worries me not one whit.

At this point in my trek I'm (again roughly) 14 miles from home.  I'm not quite certain where that puts me, though I am quite certain it's still in Utah.

(I just hope I'm wearing warm clothes cause it's cold out there).

I have also used my not-as-superior-as-they-once-seemed-to-be math skills to discover that, at my current rate of speed as well as the time I'm able to devote to this endeavour (around 40 minutes a day), it will take me some 23.something years to complete my around the earth journey.

This is rather depressing.

{Though one optimistic thought is the chance I may aquire a cane at some point during my trip

(I naturally plan to call it a Staff )

which I can use to swack people (and possibly ferocious critters) outta my way.}

Ok...  The thought of a cane Staff really isn't an optimitic one.

To continue....

Once I reach Anapolis I will continue across the Atlantic (yes by walking.  One can totally do that on a treadmill) and onward till I complete the entire 25,000ish mile trip.

Obviously I'm looking for other crazy inspired people to join me.

And obviously I'm planning on increasing my speed/time in order to cut as many years as possible from my journey.

I shall be posting upon my progress here at Its Own Sweet Will from time to time, as well as upon the scenery, the interesting sights and people I encounter.

{Do check out this link for updates!}

(I'm rather worried about simultaneously writing, walking, and crossing the Atlantic, though I feel certain it can be done).

And yes I realize the Pacific shall be even a longer stretch.

(I had considered heading north to Russia and crossing the Bering Strait, though fear that would simply add miles....).

My husband suggested simplifying the entire thing by just walking around the Arctic Circle - but I felt that would be cheating.

So do join me if you've a mind to.  Jump on that treadmill or clip on that pedometer (or both) and let's increase our speed together.

Just think - if I'm already 14.something miles away from home in just a few days (at a mere 40 minutes a day) I could hit Denver or thereabouts, (only 514 miles away) in 155 days, or 22 weeks, or however many months 22 weeks is!


Less if when I increase my speed/distance.


What's your walking destination this year?

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