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The 8 Most Inspiring Television Series

  IOSW tv series 2

1-    The Walking Dead

Inspires me to get into better shape just in case that zombie apocalypse my teens have been anticipating so long actually happens.

{I am also inspired to learn to use a crossbow and become a better shot.

And to buy boots.  Evidently boots are imperative to post apocalyptic survival.}


2-    LilyHammer

Inspires me to move to Norway; Lillehammer naturally.  Evidently it’s filled with beautiful snow covered alpine forests and interesting people.

It also inspires me to learn Norwegian, a language which doesn’t appear to contain a lot of “r” rolling.

I’m bollocks at rolling my “r’s”.


3-    Breaking Bad

Inspires me to

a-  not cook meth   

b-  not have an affair with my boss Ted (if I had a boss named Ted, which I don’t).

c-  never call Saul


4-    Modern Family

Also inspires me to jump on the treadmill cause that Claire is simply a muscle.

(I suspect Gloria is actually an alien so I won’t even mention her).

I also find myself inspired to find a BFF just like Cam.  He and I have so much in common it’d be total kismet from the start.


5-    The Middle

Inspires me to be thankful for what I have because in so many aspects my life is just like Frankie Heck’s only better.

{Every time I watch this program I wish I could leap into that tv and help her redecorate her house.

It’s awful...}

Also in my opinion there is no way to seal up dishwasher with duct tape to get it to work. 

Just sayin'.


6-    Downton Abbey

Inspires me to somehow become immensely rich so I could live upon a gorgeous estate with a huge staff and not have to do a single thing myself unless I absolutely wanted to.

Unfortunately I’m uncertain just how to accomplish this.

{N.B.   I feel fairly sure I’d still dress and undress myself.  Though heaven knows it’d be nice to have a full time kitchen staff and cleaning crew.



7-    Revolution

The premise of this series is intriguing.  It inspires me to learn more about science, and possible science, and pseudo science, and science fiction.  And to teach my kids this stuff.

Also to take Bad Ass lessons from someone like Miles.

If I could find such a someone.

{Suggestions welcome.}


8-   The Following

Inspires me to be even more paranoid than I normally am.

Really, this show totally freaks me out.  I watch it with one hand over my face repeatedly asking Scott “Why do we keep watching this godawful thing?”

{The next season premiers soon.  Aren’t you excited!!??}


So, which television programs inspire you?



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