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Ten Things of Thankful


Yeal I know I already post Five Gratitudes on Mondays

but now I’m gonna post (and link up to) Ten Things of Thankful on Saturdays.

This promises to be major boatloads of incredible, inspiring fun.

{No really.}

To begin:

1-   The snow which has covered Witt’s End. I’ve been writhing (yes writhing) in not so suppressed jealousy at the sight of all the unprecedented snow the east coast has received. (Though yeal I know it caused great distress and difficulties.  Sorry bout that).

Still my friends, that was My Snow.

And at last my trees are again blanketed, my driveway is a mess, out dirt road slick and impassable without four wheel drive and grim determination.

Just the way I like it.

IOSW winter

2-   Italian sweet cream creamer. I love it and it’s fulla sugar and some fat and lord knows what else and I don’t care.


3-   Netflix.  Crazy about netfix.  And since our purchase of the Roku I can watch it while on the treadmill. This helps immensely in my ongoing #LisaWalksAroundPlanetEarth


4-   Fog.  I love fog.  The way it rolls up toward the mountains and rolls down from the mountains (yes it rolls both ways.  I don’t question it and neither should you).  I love how it’s all misty and cold and bone chilling and kinda creepy.


5-  Dogs.  I’m thankful for our dogs (we have four) even when they poop on the floor and I am forced to continually vacuum incredibly large tufts of dog hair floating about the house. Our dogs bark too much, shed too much, eat too much, and poop too much. They have some quite disgusting personal habits (butt sniffing, the consumption of turkey scat) and some hygiene problems (rolling in aforementioned turkey scat) but I like ‘em anyway.

R- dog poop

How we pick up dog poop in a blurry kinda way.


6-   Pillows.  They’re smushy and comfy and fluffy. 

{N.B. If you bend your pillow in half and it stays that way it means it’s worn out, probably full of microscopic critters (which are disgusting), and you should throw it away.}


7-   My brother.  My mother lives with him and he’s all capable and dependable and stuff like that.

{I on the other hand live waaaayyy up here with a husband, five kids, four dogs, assorted chickens, coyotes, reputed mountain lions, wild turkeys, a full schedule and am On The Edge & Teetering most days.}

Mom is so much better off with my nice brother.


8-   Electricity.  I could live without it (people did for eons after all) but I don’t wanna.


9-   I’m thankful my ear is still attached to my head.

{I injured said ear rather severely one morning by sorta falling outta my four poster bed and scrapping it on the rough edge of the marble nightstand.

(Long confusing story).

It made a most horrible mess with a gratifying amount of blood and was quite gruesome.

{A word actually used by two people who saw it sometime later. Gruesome.}

But it’s better now. (Though there is a rather impressive scar).


10-  Yes I realize this last one is a bit pathetic, but I am thankful the Christmas candy is finally just about gone. And yeal that (IMO), pseudo-holiday Valentine’s Day is right around corner, yet somehow it’s never brought out the Candy Monster around here the way Christmas does.

Easter on the other hand….  Ah dear. But at least it isn’t till April.


There you have it, my first Ten Things of Thankful.

Stay tuned and keep that kettle boiling.

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