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using these three words: Accelerate, Passive, Rogue

True vintage

“He’s a bit of a rogue really, that son of yours” Margery smiled at Audrey.

The older woman sat silent, and there was almost, almost something passive in her manner; as though she didn’t care. As though she believed this girl would go the way of her older sister soon enough: driven on by the east wind, blown away down a rocky beach to disappear, rolling bleached head over spiked heel into a grey northern sky. Not that Audrey believed any such thing. She knew this girl was the one who would stick; had recognized it right off.

And, despite the trashy dress and tough as stone manner she saw a subtle glint in this girl’s eye which told her everything she needed to know and more besides. Audrey knew Margery was softer than whipping cream, just peaked. That inside she held tight a hole so deep and aching she figured it could never be filled, no matter how quick she flew, how fast she talked, how hard she pressed that peddle down to accelerate her daddy’s car outta Atlanta, straight across that Mason Dixon line heading clean toward Canada.

Audrey knew this stop in Massachusetts wasn’t just a layover for Margery. It wasn’t, as the poor girl sitting there acting out a part she so longed to fill imagined:  simply a pause in a greater plan. Margery was destined for Charlie, destined to become Audrey’s daughter-in-law; her heir as it were. In the next fifteen years Audrey would teach Margery every trick in the book. Stretching out a manicured hand and hauling her bodily if need be into a world she had only just begun to glimpse, and in time would never imagine escaping.


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