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I began this phenomenal phenomena some time ago, and have been stuck in the same place for some time.

(Don’t ask me just where at the moment. I do intend to figure it out as soon as possible.

Though I feel certain I’m still in Colorado.

Western states are big).

Exercise can be tough. Particularly when the next lowest vertebrae in your back will insist on sticking out too far, pinching a nerve or two in the process, and generally causing all sorts of trouble.

And yes that’s what’s going on with my back. I’ve had three epidural performed on it so far. The epidurals have certainly helped, though not completely fixed the problem.

{I told the doctor the last time(s) I had three epidurals I received a lovely new baby each time.

He laughed. But refused to secure me a baby from the hospital nursery; which I thought rather mean of him.}

To continue…

Running around the world on a magical treadmill (across oceans, through mountains and other such obstacles) is a worthy thing to do. I average 4ish miles a day. If I don’t increase my speed and/or find more time to run than I have right now it’s gonna take me a loooonnggg time to run around the world. About 22 years by my reckoning.

Still I feel certain this is entirely doable. Despite my messed up back, wonky knee, and the fragmented sesamoid bone in my left foot.

{Long story.}

So why, you may well ask, am I currently stuck somewhere in Colorado and haven’t moved for some time?

First I had the chest cold from hell for over two weeks.

And then I was hit with some horrid inspiration/obsession and began Spring Cleaning!

A feat involving many cleaning cloths, ladders, and the very likely possibility of injuring my back all over again.

Which I kinda did. But only a little bit.

Then I caught some sort of stomach bug and was unable to move without being overtaken by that dizzy Oh My Goodness I’ll Never Make It (to the bathroom) In Time feeling.

You know that feeling. 

It’s a baaadddd feeling.

But today that feeling is mostly gone.

And I feel pretty certain about getting up on that treadmill once again.

If, of course, I can find the time. And I’m making the time right now!

Cause that’s what {Dubious}LifeStyle Bloggers do.

We make time.

(I’m still working just how we do that…..)

If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to share!



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