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Moving To Norway


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In which I move to Norway in my mind.

I'm always moving somewhere, but only in my mind.

I've yet to figure out why this is.

I live in a place with seasons. I like seasons, and of the four seasons - (not the music by Vivaldi) - summer is my least favorite for three reasons:

1-  It is hot.

2-  Bugs like hot.

3-  It is hot and there are bugs.

{N.B. I dislike bugs.}

But I do like seasons, and every year pray for an extended spring, early autumn, and a very short, unseasonably chilly summer.

Usually this doesn't happen.

And that's when I begin to move to Norway in my mind.

Though...I must admit to having been somewhat influenced in this by watching Lillyhammer. Which naturally is set in Lillehammer, Norway where (evidently) a bunch of interesting, quicky people live in in the midst of beautiful alpine forests, ample snow, and a lovely lake where unsuspecting and homicidal mafioso types can be (more or less) easily led to topple through thin ice, lose their stamina, and freeze to death.

Now does that sound like a great place or what?

Norway also has fjords. I love fjords.

I like the look of them, I like the way the word is spelled, and I love pronouncing it aloud.

It's a totally cool word.

And I'll bet it sounds even cooler pronounced with a Norweigian accent.

I'll let you know, as soon as I get to Norway.

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