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Even {Dubious}LifeStyleBloggers are expected to possess a certain amount of Verve

Verve: enthusiasm, vigor, vivaciousness, liveliness, animation.

And other such crap interesting qualities.

But I must admit my Verve has been lagging of late.

Yup Dear Reader, I needa get more va-voom in my Verve.

{Don’t you love alliteration?}

Unfortunately this is easier said (or written) than done.

Why?  Well…

I have bemoaned my moan of my health problems – so I won’t go into that again.

I have bemoaned my moan of being Too Busy To Breathe (almost) – so I won’t go into that again.

I have bemoaned my moan of actually having To Go Places (which aren’t vacation type places) thus Totally Disrupting My Schedule, so yeal I won’t go into that again.

This leaves me with absolutely nothing to explain away my lowered Verve level.

Which is unfortunate.

The fact is people become tired. We get burned out and, at some point, just don’t wanna do anything but sit and marathon stream Grimm ‘cause we didn’t remember to watch it when it was actually on tv in the first place.

We don’t want to go to all the trouble of making a lovely salad, though it is our favorite, ‘cause cleaning lettuce and cutting up veggies and actually mixing our own dressing means standing over there far far away from this nice smushy chair and doing work.

So we have a pb&j instead. Telling ourselves it’s high in protein, ignoring the high fat. Marveling over the energy we had when we actually made this homemade jam, thinking how yummy it is and ignoring the sugar we know it’s chock full of since yes we made it one fall day last year or perhaps the year before  when our Verve was evidently not at the low it is now.

And then we begin a list in red ink:  How To Get Our Verve Back

Cause we like making lists in red ink and enjoy referring to ourselves with a Royal Pronoun.

And we sit for a while drinking diet coke though if we believe our friends who only shop at Whole Foods it’s probably gonna make our stomach fall right outta our body and munching microwave popcorn fulla heaven knows what kinda chemicals and we Think.

{Which is easy. I am most excellent at Thinking and Writing Out Lists.

It’s the Doing bit that always gets me.}

How To Re-Charge One’s Verve

Drink water

Do not drink soda

Cut back on sugar

Eat lean protein


Accomplish something in at least five of the Seven Realms every day

Read (whatever it is you personally find) inspirational

Paint something. A wall, a table, a chair, a mason jar.  Painting something is always Verve reaffirming.

Go to a Thrift Store. They’re fulla other people’s junk which they didn’t need and neither do you. I don’t know why this is so Verve Reviving but it is.

Repeat the first seven of these on a daily basis for at least a week.

And most of all, don’t be so hard on yourself. (Yes this is the most difficult part).

Give yourself a break. Enjoy a pb&j once in a while. Go ahead and marathon watch whatever takes your fancy, just don’t do it every night.

Remember to breathe, in and out.

Get plenty of sleep, try to wake up as early as you’re able, and Get Going.

Verve lends itself to Verve. And I know that’s hard to imagine when you’re In The Middle Of It All.

But it’s true.

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