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Godfrey I totally hate that last one…..}


I have read epistolary style novels are not popular.

And it makes me wonder (yet again) what on earth is wrong with people.

I love epistolary novels. Honestly they’re one of my favorite types of read.

Further Honesty:  I’ve actually written most of such a novel myself, though unfortunately it has screeched to a painful and abrupt halt due to the irritating and entirely unwelcome appearance of a vampire; something I had not at all expected. 

Vampires are very much overdone in recent years, as you no doubt know. Which is unfortunate since I’ve always loved/feared vampires since seeing my first vampire film around the age of seven or so.

Yep I was scared for life, and I liked it. Go figure.

Naturally I blame my mother (who took me to said vampire movie) entirely.

Which brings us, in a roundabout fashion to that famous novel Dracula; written by Bram Stoker in the epistolary fashion employing letters and journal entries.

Haven’t read it? You should check it out. {Dracula doesn’t sparkle, but he can turn into smoke, a bat, and a wolf, which is totally cooler.}

Another epistolary novel I very much recommend is this one


We read it in bookgroup a couple years ago and everyone (with the exception of one ornery anti-epistolary person, you know who you are!) loved it.

So there you have it:  I Lisa, {Dubious}Lifestyle Blogger admits to the following:

I love reading other people’s journals and letters (fact or fiction),

I, once upon a time organized and perpetuated an actual bookgroup,

and I have indeed penned the major portion of an epistolary novel myself.

Which was going well. Till the vampire showed up.

Isn’t that always the way it is?

IOSW epistle

 {But please do keep an eye out for that rogue novel of mine. It remains titleless, though I imagine I’ll think of something. Eventually.}


Coming Soon! {Monday morning actually}:  Feathers


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