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Red Into April


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Good Lord people it’s the Last Day Of March!

Are you horrified? Well you should be. One quarter of 2015 is gone. As in no more, obliterated, never to be again.

To those of us who keep track of things this is truly alarming.


Think back, did you spend your January wisely? IOSW Jan Illumination

Was February a success?

February realization

Did you stampede into March filled with vim and vigor and other such crap and totally dominate?

IOSW March Kringle

Well I didn't – and yes I’m entirely pissed about it.

Ok…I tried. I really did. And honestly I suppose some would say I was, in fact, productive during those months. I signed with a lovely literary agent in early January. I rewrote parts of a novel now out on submission through said lovely agent. I (and the rest of my family) seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time Being Sick during both January and February (this was rather disheartening.) I wrote More Stuff, attempted to keep homeschool on track, began running again, missed an unprecedented amount of co op due to sickness and extenuating circumstances, and (seriously) began Spring Cleaning.

(Which will no doubt take me into spring of 2016 and possibly beyond.)

Yet I still didn't accomplish everything I wanted to.  Mundane things such as keeping the menu going (I’m very hit and miss in that area – some weeks it’s great, others a complete disaster. I fear I am a person of extremes.) And more ambitious goals like writing more and actually publishing said writing. (In books – which actual people actually buy and actually read.)

Perhaps we should just all sit with our faces to the sun, contemplating those words for a moment or two...


Anyway, here I am – still swimming. Eyeing April, May, and June

(and still embracing the Oxford comma.)

Months which have their own goals – one more quarter of 2015.

And come June 30th once again I will hold my own reckoning.

I can’t tell you all of those goals right now – though I will be sharing them soon.

One small one is participating, (one more time), in A to Z April.

Which begins tomorrow. Twenty-six days of posts, each day’s post centering (somehow) around the next letter of the alphabet.

And yes I’ll be utilizing some wiggle room in there – something I tend to be good at.


Are you participating in A to Z April this year?

 (Have you even heard of A to Z April?)

 Do you think I’m completely mental to even contemplate participating in such a thing?

 Whatever your opinion – let it be heard.

 (As long as it’s nice of course.

I'm going so many directions at this moment I don't know if I can handle anything but nice!)

Iosw april growth