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blog posts.

Each one to do with a different letter of the alphabet.

(Scroll down to see the lineup and links!)

With a bit of “wiggle room” (naturally), since for this year’s A to Z April I have a Theme.

(I know – sounds all horribly posh and impressive, don’t ‘cha think?

Ok – maybe not.)

At any rate the theme has to do with (nearly) all things Writing. My writing, other’s writing, writing myths (yes there are too writing myths), writing lifestyle, writing problems, ideas, and so on and so forth and some such.


And it all begins tomorrow, right here. And lasts for the entire month of April (excluding Sundays  - though I have no problems posting on Sunday because it’s Sunday, still, there are thirty days in April, four of which are Sundays, and when you subtract out those four Sundays you’re left with twenty-six posting days – amazingly enough the exact, same number of letters in the alphabet!

Though no doubt you already knew all that.)

So please do follow along on what's bound to be a marvelous, inspiring, (or at least mildly informative and entertaining) extravaganza.

It will begin with “A” (About Writing).

There will also be a Pinterest Board, and loads of fabulous gifts and prizes*.

Or at least a Hershey’s Kiss or two. With almonds. (If you’re allergic to nuts be sure and let me know.)

Hoping to hear from you in April (via the comments sections, right down there somewhere. Keep looking. I feel certain you'll find it.)


Are you participating in A to Z April? Let me know and I’ll follow along!

*yeal, um...totally kidding about those fabulous gifts and prizes.

Sorry bout that…



 And Here's The A-Z The Writing Life Lineup

About Writing

Books, Reading, & Semi-Androgynous Idiots

Chimney Swift



Facebook Groups

Guilty Admissions

The Homeschool Book

Insatiable Idiocy

Being A Joiner. Or Not.

Keeping A Daybook

Leaving Out That Bit Right There


Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Of Blind Forgetfulness &...

Pinterest Pains

Quiet Tales


Seven Realms

Treading Lightly

Understand Your Writer Friend(s)

Feeling Sad About Vampires

World Building

X (the unknown) 

Yeal - Noone Reads That Nowadays

Zealots of Self Flagellation

Iosw a-z april