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During this series on The Writing Life, we've been talking of reading, and writing, and other related subjects.

And as I’m supposed to write something to do with the letter “E” today,

I have been  inspired* to mention these little books (I call ‘em “bookettes”), of essays well - and tales - I've written and published over the past few years.

Because lord knows if I don’t mention ‘em no one else is going to. (Though if you feel the urge be my guest!)

(*Inspired as in literally inspired – last night in a dream starring the Patron Saint of Blogs. You know, Saint…. Um… Oh I dunno. I’ll think of something.

Anyway – he was lovely with feathery wings and a voice just like Alan Rickman’s.

And everyone knows it’s impossible to ignore a voice like Alan Rickman’s. Right?) 


So please take a look at my “bookettes”, some longer than others, some funny, some autobiographical and a bit sad, some a tad frightening and dark.

In other words an eclectic collection.

Kinda like Me!



Have you ever self published? How’d it work out for you?

I must say, personally I find the entire SEO/marketing aspect of the thing a bit daunting – though, as this is my year of #Attack2015! I’m up for just about anything and ready to learn.

And as always, your thoughts and opinions (and favorite cookie recipes), are very much welcome.

Day "E" of the A to Z Challenge.

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