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Being a Joiner. Or Not.


I am not A Joiner.

Though I've tried to be (really I have), just as I've tried to be a Morning Person.

Both of these attempts always end in unmitigated failure. And though I don’t quite understand this, I've come to accept it.

Although…I must admit there is a wee, tiny, part of my brain (which obviously doesn’t function as well as it should), which will keep pushing and prodding at me to Go Ahead – Tell ‘Em You’ll Join.

Tell ‘em you just love to be the Team Mom (since apparently all the other moms are too smart lazy busy to volunteer.)



Tell ‘em you’d love to host that party. Join that co op, help out with that robotics club, walk from door to door through this little canyon of ours simply teaming with snarling dogs, god awful snakes, rambunctious looking wild turkeys, and a reputed mountain lion or two, collecting donations for this good cause or that.

Assure that frighteningly well groomed neighbor lady down the way (who you just know is a Stepford Wife), Why yes – you’d simply love to fill in at bunco for Mrs. Whosit! Who has evidently come down with Peruvian Flu though her house looks mysteriously empty and whose facebook status, you feel quite certain, recently referred to Stepford Wife Neighbor as a phony two faced biatch (which I still don’t think is an actual word.)

Actually go to bunco (some spell and pronounce it bonco – I've no idea), find it a most tedious time and decide to forever more hide behind a large rock anytime you spot Stepford Wife Neighbor.

In essence, being A Joiner is, (in my opinion, and as usual ya’all know I’m right), simply not conducive to The Writing Life. Because it takes time from Writing – which heaven knows Real Life does often enough already.

And yet, perhaps joining a few things could benefit The Writer. Writing Groups for example, online or in person. Attending conventions, writing seminars, that sort of thing.

Even facebook groups (though snubbed at by some), certainly have their merits. I've learned loads from various facebook groups and would certainly miss them should facebook do the unthinkable and go the way of My Space.

Obviously the key to being A Joiner is being a Selective Joiner. Join things which help you (and hopefully others) in some way. Think of the Seven Realms, nurture your spiritual side, feed your creative self, experience a sense of community by occasionally helping out with your kid’s baseball team or school.

Balance, as always, is the key here.

And boy I gotta say I do have a hard time with balance.

It’s tricksy, don’t ‘cha think?

But entirely doable – with enough practice.

(Which yeal, I apparently don't quite have.)


Have you joined anything lately?

How're you feelin' about that?

  Lisa new day








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The above originally brought to you by the letter "J", and the a-z challenge.

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