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Chimney Swift


Assuming you're that daring kinda person (and surely you must be!) Just click right below to peruse some bits of one of my WIP which I make myself crazy keep busy and productive by flitting back and forth between:

 Chimney Swift

Iosw chimney swift


Though at this stage in the game most of these bits have been switched around quite a bit, this taken out, that added there.

You know what I mean.

This work’s title has been changed a number of times as well, though my latest title (which I’m not going to mention just yet.


Is, I do believe, the one I will most certainly be sticking with.

(I think.)

At this point in my Writing Life what I need is time – larger chunks of time. To think and ponder. To sit undistracted, unworried by where I hafta be in a few hours, or by what’s for dinner, or holy crap there’re eight more loads of laundry piled in the laundry room.

I need to be able to focus – let those things go.

Which is hard. Though I do believe I've gotten, and am getting, better at it.

I’m fairly certain the real key is being able to Go Without Sleep.

And honestly I’m not all so certain I can actually do that.



What’s Your Key To Finishing That Work In Progress?

(Those Works in Progress?)


 And isn't it fun making yourself crazy?


 (This has been letter “C” of the The Writing Life,

A to Z April Challenge.

In case you were wondering!

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