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Keeping A Daybook

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Some have mentioned to me they aren't familiar with the concept of a Daybook.


I would refer them to the collection I keep upon my bedroom shelf, and still (though I've had some for years), dip into every now and again.

Here are a couple:


I also keep a CommonPlace Book, which I suppose you could also call a Daybook of sorts – filled with quotes, clippings, items which interest me or which I wish to remind myself to check out in the future.

(Kinda like a real life Pinterest. And a common practice for many years (centuries) before there was a Pinterest.)

They’re great for The Writing Life. Great to keep track of all those little notes, images, weird happenings, you read or hear about and don’t want to forget – knowing intuitively they may come in useful at some time or another. Great for thumbing through months, or years later.

And Daybooks? Wonderful inspiration – whether spiritually, motivational (think exercise, healthy eating, clutter control!), or a combination of all.

Begin your own CommonPlace Book! Delve into Daybooks.

I love ‘em – and kinda think you might too.


Do You Have A Favorite Daybook?

Are You Keeping A CommonPlace Book?

I’d Love To Hear About Them!


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