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Something absolutely horrible overcame me last year.

(Or it could possibly have been the year before. Yes… I think it was.


Anyway – something absolutely horrible just crowded its big ole hairy arms around me, threatening to smother me alive (till I was dead I suppose), if I didn't obey its devilish will and Follow Its Command.

And I tried to resist. Honest I did.

Though my efforts, (through no fault of my own I feel practically certain), have yet to come to fruition.

Having come this far I suppose I might as well tell you:  I've begun writing a daybook.

(Actually I feel daybook should be capitalized:  Daybook.

There – that is nicer isn't it?)

It’s an interesting Daybook, one unlike any other you've ever seen. It’s insightful, funny, practical, inspiring, educational, and all sorts of other great crap.

Unfortunately, at the rate it’s going it’s also going to be about two thousand pages long.

Which even I admit is a bit much.

(And ya’ll know I am the Queen Of Overkill.)

So what to do?

I could trim it. Ruthlessly. Cutting out huge swathes here, there, and everywhere.

I could cut out my least favorite month or two, (which, as I loathe hot weather, would most certainly be July and August.)

I could attempt to publish or talk some terribly sweet person into publishing it as two volumes – or perhaps even a trilogy!

(Which might be a first for Daybooks…


Honestly I just don’t know what to do about it. Perhaps I should leave it for my children to plow through after I have left this world, climbing those celestial golden steps to my mansion on a hill. Leaving them wondering What in the hell was our lunatic mother thinking?

(Like they’re not gonna be thinking that anyway.)

Harry PotterThat final Harry Potter Party!


So, while I'm currently flitting from this WIP to that (as discussed a bit more right here In Chimney Swift), I'm also occasionally dabbling in Daybook writing. It's actually quite interesting and surprisingly rewarding, in a this is gonna be really, really long kinda way.


If any one of the above options strike a chord with you, or if you think of something entirely different do let me know.


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