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I've often seen discussions concerning whether or not writers should join facebook writing groups.

(The fact that these discussions take place on facebook writing groups does seem rather ironic, but such is life.)

And though I am most certainly not a joiner by nature, (as is discussed later in this series in the following scintillating post: Not A Joiner), my opinion is writers should most certainly join facebook groups for writers because heaven knows we all need as much positivity, negativity, and mutual angst sharing as we can get.

Don’t ‘cha think?

I've gotten a tremendous amount from fb (facebook. Seriously – we all know what fb means and I’m sick of writing out the entire thing), writer’s groups.

I've learned that traditional publishing is dead because it sucked so there.

I've learned traditional publishing is wonderful and will never die so keep trying!

I've learned indy publishing is a horrid pot of worms and never, ever go near it!

I've learned indy publishing is the wave of the future and only way to go unless you’re an idiot.

I've learned marketing yourself is a cinch! Just read this article and you’ll be on your way in ten easy steps.

I've learned attempting to market yourself is the most god awful thing imaginable, worse than two dozen root canals, I’d rather have my innards cut out than try that shit again!

I've seen more than one snooty person point out that, rather than saying “innards cut out”, the more succinct word disemboweled could have been used.

And I've seen one woman (who shall remain nameless), post the same crap about link to her southern belle novel (which so help me Jesus I will never read), every damn day for two years on every damn fb writer’s group though every damn fb writer’s group (quite succinctly) states No Spamming in its pinned post of rules.

(And why no one does something about this I just don’t know.

Obviously the crazy broad should have her innards cut out be disemboweled.)

Holy crap on a cracker.


So go ahead - join those fb writer’s groups.


Join a few, join a dozen., join a googolplex (my second favorite number.)

Just don’t spend all your writing time scrolling down and clicking around.

(Yes – I realize that sorta rhymed and I do cringe…)

One of the most important parts of being a writer is the writing.


At least that’s what Willow Sage RavenHoard posted on the Writing From Your Soul fb group six minutes ago.


And I totally “liked” it.


Join me for The Writing Life series.

(And yes this was "F" for the A to Z April Challenge!)

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