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Feeling Sad About Vampires

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I've been feeling particularly sad about Vampires these past several years.

Probably more than several – ever since they somehow became “sparkly”.

I feel absolutely certain no self respecting vampire ever desired to be sparkly.

As a child I feared vampires. My mother (for her own odd, twisted reason), took me to see a vampire movie when I was around four and it scared the holy crap outta me. Seriously – I had vampire nightmares during kindergarten nap time. It was embarrassing.

Thus began my obsession with Vampires. I loved/hated/feared/wanted to be one.

And I still do (though only if they promise to restore my twenty-five year old body. I’m not going through the centuries in the shape I’m in now.)

I would love to write about vampires. I think about it quite often, and usually dismiss it.

Because since that sparkly vampire series came out, everyone has been writing about vampires. Making it overdone. Blanching it right out.

Taking the bite out of it.

(Yes I actually just said that.)

It’s my belief Vampires are meant to be gory, but not too gory. Disgusting, but not too disgusting. Entirely charming, entirely evil, (though rather pained by it at times. Poor dears simply can’t help themselves.) And of course with a Transylvanian or with any type of UK accent.

Hmmm… I suppose French should work as well (think Lestat), though honestly UK is number one with me.

Though they shouldn't be allowed to eat children (explaining why I dislike Dracula’s wives), or dogs.

And a proper vampire must be able to turn into a wolf, a bat, or a creepy ass trail of smoke.

My favorite vampire books at this point? Well Dracula of course, all of Anne Rice’s characters, Deborah Harkness' All Souls Trilogy.




Also, (though I don’t believe it was ever a book), I quite like The Originals on CW, though to be honest the New Orleans setting may have something to do with that. (I love New Orleans.)



Back to the book writing - I know I have a Vampire book in me somewhere, just longing to snarl and bite its way out.

(But if that sucker comes out sparkly, I’m shoving it back in…)


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