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Insatiable Idiocy


I have an insatiable desire for research. I love it. My pinterest boards are filled with all sorts of things I want/wish/plan to read and study one fine day. Stick me in a room with a huge stack of reference books and a large amount of tea (and hopefully access to a bathroom), and I will emerge hours and hours later (perhaps days, if foodstuffs are available), red eyed and happy.

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This is both an excellent and kinda stinky attribute when it comes to writing.

Because one can become entirely caught up in the research – and fail to write more than a chapter or two (at most) of the manuscript itself. (And as we all know Writing That Manuscript is the main objective.


I believe I referred to this phenomenon back in About Writing. And today, over ten days later! It still stands true.

It’s awfully easy to become caught up in what I call Insatiable Idiocy Conundrum: losing oneself in the joy of research, the scribbling of notes, sketches of badly sketched sketches, jotting down of The Most Excellent Idea Ever - It’s Amazing Someone Hasn't Already Thought Of This!

And fail to write even one paragraph. Rising up, musty headed and blinking, days, perhaps even weeks or more later to realize with a shock of horror that, while you are certainly older (and those bags of m & m’s you’d stocked up on mysteriously empty), your manuscript has grown nary a bit.

Should this happen to you, realize with chagrin you have been a victim of Insatiable Idiocy.

My advice? Suck it down – heavy a heavy sigh, vow to reintroduce yourself to your treadmill (or whatever your preferred form of exercise is), sort through and decipher your notes (despite the fact they resemble a cross between chicken scratches and the long dead language of a cannibalistic tribe whose descendants you suspect still lurk somewhere in the Grand Canyon), and Carry On.

Because, if you must be an Insatiable Idiot (and I fear most all of us do at times), the least you can do is be a Tenacious Insatiable Idiot.


Your thoughts are welcome!

(And yes this has been "I" day of the A to Z Challenge.

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