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Near futureSomething to Muse over...


I muse a lot.

Yes – I am a Muser.

And, over the years, I have including many of my musings right here in Its Own Sweet Will.

They’re on a variety of subjects – a large variety. Interesting to look back over from time to time, perhaps one day compiled into a book (of sorts), to pass on to my children.

Mom’s Musings. Sounds fascinating doesn't it?

And to think – you can see them first! (I know – try to contain your excitement. You may do yourself an injury!)

Right here, right now at this blog where I have an entire category devoted to (and rightfully entitled), Musings.

I’d love for you to give them a look. Let me know what you think.


And Do Share Your Musings With Me.

The Writing Life Could Always Use A Little More Muse.

(Yes I Really Said That!)


Musings - letter "M" of the A to Z Challenge, The Writing Life.

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