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About Writing


I've read a lot about Writers Writing.

They say it’s a lonely profession. That they are hounded by writer’s block, suffer untold miseries by actually sitting down to write that paragraph, (not to mention all those subsequent paragraphs). They say researching is more fun. They say, (if they’re fantasy or sci fi writers), writing the “bible of their world” (which in some instances can run to a thousand pages or more), is much more interesting than getting the actual story on paper or monitor – whichever the case may be

And I must say I disagree.

I don’t think writing is lonely – it’s actually quite crowded in this head of mine. When my fingers hit the keys they seem to write out words and sentences of their own accord.

(And no - not all my words are prize winning, drop dead lookit her jaw hit the floor material…

No. A first draft is never my ultimate draft.

But hey it’s something.)

And though I won’t say I never get writer’s block, (feeling certain I’ll be jinxed, hexed, and generally in major trouble if I do), I will say when it does attack, it never lasts long.

The key here – for me at least – is having more than one WIP going at the same time.

(I always say “at the same time” rather than simultaneously. I've no idea why.

Though I suspect it’s due to a past life, in which I was a writer who was paid by the word.

Such as Dickens for instance.

Well, maybe not Dickens.

Someone like Dickens, only less well known.)


Working on more than WIP, flitting back and forth, allowing one to “breathe and steep” for a few days while adding to the word count of another, gives me a chance to sit back a bit – gaining perspective.

(At least that’s my theory. If you have another feel free to share it.)

And as for “my world’s bible” – well I must admit I do have one, though by no means would I ever refer to it as a “bible”. It’s more a jumble of notes, both printed out and hand scribbled written. Some pages hole punched, some frog clamped into a large spiral notebook where, should I bother to plow through it, I often find other things I had planned to write but didn't.

This keeps life exciting.

And people with exciting lives have absolutely no time in which to ponder how lonely they are.

So there.


Tell me your Writer’s Stories, I’d love to hear ‘em.

(Honestly – I’m one of the nosiest people around, extremely interested in human nature!)


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