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A Film Recommendation


This was a lovely film.

51VERzVITKL._SX200_QL80_Children of Heaven


Well done, well acted, and so interesting. And though my (sadly) one language family had to read the subtitles, after only a few minutes each one of us forgot we were.

(One mark, I think, of a good film.)

Also the little boy in it, Amir Farrokh Hashemian, has the sweetest "crying face" I've ever seen. How anyone could ever punish or refuse him anything is beyond me!


When my kids saw the title and read a bit about it they were convinced it would be sad and depressing, I disagreed. They now admit I was right and they were wrong. 

(Yes - I do love it when that happens.)


We watched it during Sunday Night Dinner & A Movie a couple weeks ago, and all of us - adults on down to just turned twelve, voted it as excellent.

Give it a view (it's currently on Netflix), and let me know what you think. 



Me - hiding out as usual!

Iosw lisa