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Beginning Anew In Autumn


And... it's Labor Day.

PictureFirst ones to arrive for the last game of the season!


The official (to some) end of summer, though the Autumn Equinox isn't until September 23.

Of course being a Autumn/Winter person, I welcome the changing over of the summer season as early as possible.

As I wrote earlier this summer, the past few months have been rather strange. Life has been a bit out of whack - our regular routine disrupted, the days seeming uneven and

not quite right.

This was irritating.

But for the past few days I've been sensing the first tastes of Fall in the air - that lovely brisk, sharp nip. And I find myself glancing toward my boots and sweaters with happy longing. Imagining a fire in the fireplace, snow piled high against the windows, first the All Hallows decorations, then the Thanksgiving (only one small bin I'm afraid), and finally bin after bin after box after bag of Christmas Decorations (yes, I am one of Those People and happily so).

The settling back into a routine. (Not too "samey' mind you - that'd be boring. But just enough to allow the finishing of work, the steady progression toward goals needed.)

R no bowlsSuch as remembering to actually start the dishwasher at night so we don't have to raid the baking cupboard at breakfast.


I'd planned to begin school today (though yes it's a holiday - still it's one Scott always works, and it seemed a good time).

But... that youngest child, (and my main pupil now - yep, only one. And how'd that happen I just can't think!) woke up this morning feeling pretty crummy, so he's been reading and resting and I set to work doing other things.

'Cause my list of other things is always way too long.

One of those things is the revival of my blog. Following a summer filled with surgery and recovery, of finishing my WIP (work in progress in case ya weren't certain), and of trying to get the house back on track after my hiatus - well, Its Own Sweet Will has been sadly neglected. 

Put on the back burner. That sorta thing.

Yesterday I typed out those bittersweet words "The End" on that WIP. And, after just a bit more editing and checking, rereading and tidying it up - attached that baby to an email and sent it off to my agent.

And now I wait. Wondering what she's thinking. Wondering if it's horrible or ok or wonderfully brilliant or Meh. Wondering when I'll hear and what'll happen then.

I tend to my sick child, decide what's for dinner, do a few more loads of laundry, despair of my printer's inability to print out the new homeschool schedules 'cause obviously it hates me or it'd cooperate and print dammit!

And I begin a new WIP. As well as mull over the (more than) several others waiting on my laptop or in that stick drive or up in that cloud.

Feeling certain the notebook I scribbled one or two new plot outlines was right there  - next my recovery recliner, and what could have happened to it?

Searching everywhere to no avail. 

Trying to recall exactly what those outlines were, discovering mere bits in my memory.

(This is also irritating.)

Figuring it must be around here somewhere, sitting down at the laptop, and beginning anew.

'Cause after all it is nearly Autumn - the traditional beginning of the new year. An excellent time to Start Over Yet Again.

And aren't ya glad we can?

J asleep 1 Jess asleep 2 J asleep 3 Its a new day