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Hygge At Witt's End



And just like that - finally The Holidays!

Xmas 2015The Family Room tree.


I've brought out all the Christmas. Well, aside from that bit I keep back till Thanksgiving is over; and the house is mostly decorated.

Mdrm bt 3



I'm in need of more battery powered candles (I find them much nicer for allergy ridden me), and somehow I seem to have run out of ribbon - something which rarely happens. (I suspect my more generous than usual draping of the kitchen mantle may be the cause.) So - a trip to Costco (I love their nice, big rolls of ribbon) is in order a bit earlier than usual.

Kit mantle

And then there's the Christmas shopping to consider...

But I'll wait till tomorrow, or perhaps the next day, to tackle that subject. (Though I must admit I do have a few items already stowed away in my closet, and more on their way to Witt's End via the "ups guy".)

I'm determined to finish up extra early this year, and spend more time on hassle free outings (meaning no set in stone arrival or departure time), easy projects at home, and quiet, cozy reading, writing, and thinking times.

Every year we promise ourselves to simplify Christmas. To cut back on things, focus more on activities, on the simple joys the season - and everyday life really - brings.

And this year - well yeal, that's the plan once again. 

So... in honor of the plan, the creation of cozy, quiet places - for reading, tea sipping, writing, thinking, or snoozing - have been given more than their usual share of focus this November.


Wh chair

The reflection of the family room tree in the windows, and the city beyond.


Smushy chair

My favorite smushy chair.



My family room desk, used for writing and homeschooling, and internet perusing. With a large basket, small basket, and a sleigh full of books - more on those later.


And how surprising -  and yet somehow not - is it that Thanksgiving is now less than a mere week away.

After that day of thanks, (and the ominously named and highly overrated Black Friday which follows), the Holiday Calendar I just this very day taped to the fridge will be in full force.

Some days slated as "out days", some (hopefully a good many more), as "stay at home days".

So prepare yourself for plenty of games, craft and recipe ideas, book and read aloud suggestions, traditions such as Advent, The Jesse Tree, and The Twelve Days of Christmas; Solstice (some call it Yule), Salt Roast, Yorkshire Pudding, Stir Up Sunday and more.

It's a scaled down, simplified Christmas at Witt's End - so naturally there'll be plenty to do.


Join in as we share our traditions, and, as always, comments (and sharing of your own traditions) are always welcome.

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