Hygge At Witt's End
Hygge For Me

Witt's End: AKA Canine Manor


I wonder...is it the beginning of a trend?

If so - I just dunno how Scott's gonna handle it.

He may just run off to Jamaica or some such. Abandoning the rest of us to a life overflowing with sundry broken items no one but him has the slightest idea how to repair. Who'll back up the motor home? Who'll make the furnace work when it makes that frightening noise? Who'll go see what that creepy sound is at four a.m.?

Who'll make the gravy for Thanksgiving dinner?

Not to mention such horrors as poverty and starvation. (After all - 67 quarts of plum jam and 76 of bottled tomatoes can only last so long.)

Oh dear.


But you see, last year at just about this time we acquired a new puppy.

This puppy - (now more or less a dog) - who answers to the name of Kringle (you can find out why right here), and is a tiny mass of barking, chewing, jumping, leaping energy. 

K baby

Unless, of course, she's asleep.

Kringle was a present for Little Bit - and oh my was he ever surprised and happy!


And so we move onto this year, November of 2015.

During which this guy,


(perhaps I should point out he is now 19 years old with money of his own.

Still, part of me still sees him this way.)

Found himself the 'lil puppy of his dreams.

Namely, Ellie.

Here she is,



 And here she is again, hanging out with Little Bit.

She resembles a baby polar bear at this point, and is adorably floppy and awkward.

E & r


So yes -  we have five doggies living at our house.

Now, some people gasp or roll their eyes (or both) when they hear this. But honestly, five dogs is nothing! Especially when two of them belong to a kidlet entirely responsible for their training, baths, and cleanup.

Not to mention vacuuming. With the arrival of Ellie the very hairy dog Coyote will be doing a lot of vacuuming!

So here we are - living at the (more and more aptly named) Witt's End, with five dogs, numerous chickens, one parakeet, only four kids (since this guy actually moved out - sob! Just because he's graduated college and turned 25. Sheesh!) Scott, and Me. 

And life is interesting.


For who knows what November of 2016 will hold? Really - it's exciting to think about!

Does it hold the moment when I'll actually realize my long held desire to adopt a pair of Irish Wolfhounds? Perhaps even experiencing the joy of seeing a litter of Wolfhound pups born?

(Though I warn you - adopting one of "my" puppies will require a background check and subsequent home visits to assure they're properly cared for!)

Will six or seven dogs be living at Witt's End next year? One or two the size of a smallish horse?

Imagine the barking when the doorbell rings! Imagine the tug a' war frolicking, the destruction of dropped tissues and paper towels, the shoe chewing, the chasing of squirrels, the claiming of this couch or chair (only to be kicked off by yours truly and told to "stay on your own cushion!"), the group barking/howling when "one of us thought she heard something so we all helped her bark!"

Holy mackerel - it's just all too exciting for words!

Don't 'cha think?


Stay tuned!

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