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Hygge For Me


The weekend is upon us - though of course my days don't slow down with the weekend - do yours?

Saturday and Sundays around Witt's End are just as busy and filled, if not more so, than the rest of the week.

Which makes the importance of focusing on the joy of Hyggee; (our family's 2016 word!) even more crucial to the heart and mind.

So - here are some of my most important "hygges" of late. I'd love to hear yours.


Things I'm Findin' Especially Hygge (so far) This December


Hot tea IOSW mug filled





Snow Snow

Wind (aside from when it blows down the chimney, messing with my fire!)


Oversized sweat shirts, hoodies, and sweaters


Comfortable (meaning not too tight) socks (or slipper socks!)





Small lamps scattered about - equaling pools of warm, soft light. Harsh lights, I think, are meant for the kitchen and such places as operating rooms - you get the idea! (This is a favorite, favorite of mine - much more on it later!)


Wood burning stoves



Bagpipes. Yup. I love bagpipes. (The ringtone on my cell is actually a lovely melody of bagpipes. Honest.)




Bookstores (especially experienced with a cuppa tea in one hand)


UK accents (yes I know that one's odd but there it is, and no it doesn't matter "what sort".  "Posh" or not it's all good.)


These little Christmas birds on my desk (which yes I leave out year round)

Two xmas birds

(can you heard their echoing chirp "two Christmas birds!"? :-)


The scent of lemon or cinnamon, nutmeg or oranges.


Thermal leggings  (And I've no desire to enter the whole "are legging pants" debate. My philosophy is wear what you want!)


Christmas (or fairy) lights Break room


Reading aloud to my kids (or listening to them read aloud to each other!)



The mountains


The ocean  DSC02015

      ...and the song they make


Owls hooting


Watching my kids play a game together (not a video game or "plugged in!")

J & R chess

My well worn nightgown, ratty well loved robe, and yeal, those comfy socks


Bonfires - campfires - toasting marshmallows


 And yes there are many more yet to come.


Join in, leave a note in the comments sharing what you find Hygge!

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