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I've been attempting to Slow Down. Though I worry it isn't quite "taking" - if you know what I mean.

Yet still I keep at it. Trying to still my mind, to notice the world about me a bit more, and to take joy in it.

This is surprisingly difficult to do, particularly when My List and My Daytimer are staring me in the face, whispering to me from their place upon my desk just over there.

Shall I toss them into the fire? Sit back with a hot cuppa, watch their pages curl, spark blue and blaze, tumble into black ash.

No - I can't do that. There are still so many things to be done - important things (well, most of 'em!) I can't abandon them altogether.

But I can lay them aside for a time; let 'em simmer there upon the back burner. 


While I read a bit, and contemplate.

This is my newest contemplative read, by a long favorite author of mine Eknath Easwaran. I have several of his books, and am working on getting the rest.  (But there'll be more on that later!) 



As I've just begun it (I just finished chapter two), I can't tell you much about it. Except that after thumbing through "Take Your Time" I'm finding it's filled with practical suggestions and ideas, has a lovely Eight Point Program, an index ( I always appreciate a good index!), and each chapter uses stories to teach its concept.

Look for it on Amazon, available in new and used copies, and of course, on kindle. 

And, as always, if you do read it or have read it in the past, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!


And what about Taking Joy?

Well, it can be hard to stop for that second during your busy day - and simply breathe something in. Something beautiful, soul enriching, funny, joyful.

Watching a puppy comes to mind - especially as I'm watching one as I write this minute! (For all the news on our Canine Manor, click over and check this mess out!)

Enjoying a cup of tea, wit a biscuit or two slowly, perhaps while watching the fire, gazing out the window at the snow (if you're lucky enough to have snow right now. There're only small patches scattered here and there at Witt's End today. Believe me I'm praying for more!

Playing a game with one of your children, reading aloud to them, practicing Mindfulness by breathing in and out slowly - listening to the rhythm of your own heart


OR - perhaps noticing something like what I spotted just yesterday, on my way to the doctor's office

Freeway christmas tree


I took this with my cell's camera while waiting at a red light, on a freeway off ramp

A weed (or is it?*) - which someone took a quick moment to decorate with two Christmas ornaments.

And maybe some might think it a silly thing to do, a waste of ornaments perhaps, dangerous, bad for the environment (are they biodegradable ornaments?!)

I thought it lovely and sweet.

And am seriously contemplating keeping a small stockpile of (yes biodegradable) ornaments in my car for just this purpose.

Is that weird? Yup - and I embrace it!

(It's a little known fact embracing weirdness leads to Taking Joy.)


What are you doing, or what would you like to do to Take Joy?



 *here is my answer (well, and Emerson's!) on the is it a weed? dilemma.Emerson quote

Let me know, and I'll see you all again here soon!


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