Present 2016

Hygge by Post

Is anyone out there?

I know, it's been a long time since I've visited here. Life has shot some weird, twisted, and kinda nasty arrows my way in this too busy year of 2016 - but I'm feeling certain 2017 will be a kinder year. 

In fact my new hashtag is #2017YearOfKindness. Let's hope it comes true.

In the meantime, I have begun a new blog, and will be transitioning over to it in the next month or so - hopefully. This is a busy enough time of year as it is, add in the still lingering aftermath of 2016's busyness, and it makes for very full days.

In addition we have a new business going - it's a Subscription Box called Hygge By Post. For another day or so you can check out our "pre launch" page, after that our website should be up and running, and first shipments hit the post the first week of December (touch wood.)  

And of course you can always find us on Facebook and on Instagram @hyggebypost  

And that's it for tonight. I've had a long day of homeschool, household duties (so far behind), writing, and business. And the writing will be keeping me up into the wee hours tonight. Which is fine by me!

But I've finished with the Bringing Out Of The Christmas, and we enjoyed a lovely snowfall today, (there was something of a blizzard at Witt's End - it was terribly windy), though I'm glad not many of us had to drive in it and I'm anxious for those who're still out in the wide, wild world to arrive safely home.

I'll be sharing pictures of Thanksgiving, our Christmas lights, and of life at Witt's End as soon as possible - while sloooowwwly moving in and attempting to get comfortable at the new blog. In the meantime, I'd love it if you'd take a look at Hygge By Post's November Newsletter. It's a bit more "businessey" than future editions will be, but it is just beginning - and at the busiest time of the year as well! (Am I an excellent, crazy, optimistic planner or what!?)

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