Quote~February 9, 2011
Insanity Personifiied



Tis the gift to be Simple
It’s an ideal I have been reaching toward for years.

I have nearly come to the conclusion that, just as I will never be a morning person no matter how hard I try, or a dancer or mechanically minded, I am incapable of thriving amidst simplicity.

There are days when I feel I was born to chaos.

So I try to focus upon those small bits of simplicity.  

Those brief moments when, in the midst of each busy day, time stills for the just the tiniest bit and I am able to pause and see what there is to see.

Many of these moments become part of the Gratitudes I try to list each day, some I attempt to lock away; to keep within myself and reflect upon in a future, caught moment of quiet.

Or better yet - I hold those simple moments to focus upon when I’m in the midst of the storm.  

Such reflections, or memories of simple moments can become a great armor against the day to day struggles each of us battle.

~Simple Moments~

~I pause, and note my 17 year old son’s large, strong hand is shaped just as it was when he was tiny, back when I could protect his small hand completely within my own.

~I see my children playing a game together.  Laughing, munching popcorn, drinking pineapple soda (of all things).  

Being warm before the Family Room fire.  

All Together.

~A simple, “Breakfast Dinner” of oatmeal, toast, homemade plum jam.  

It’s 19th Century Evening and we sit and read together.

~Head colds & stomach ailments have invaded our home in the past week.  Rather than rage, we set down to nurse ourselves.  

With hot tea & cocoa & orange juice,  

With homemade chicken soup from our “bulk” frozen supply.

 With books & games & rest.

~Having a child with special needs is its own trial.  Caring for my daughter often makes me feel as if I’m caring for three children.

Yet she is my child who always remembers to brush her teeth.

And she can do a beautiful & thorough job of vacuuming, if she so chooses.

{And she beams with pleasure when you tell her this}.

And she is loving to her family, kind & great hearted.

But she is also a bit of a rascal, stubborn & determined to get her own way.  

Each of her “simple victories”  I quietly add to my own. And her ornery moments become the strongest bits of my armor.

It is indeed a gift to be simple.  

To strengthen mind and soul by allowing the simple moments to flourish.

Such quiet times combine to protect us again the threatening storm, raging both within and just outside.

Each simple act, acknowledged & tucked away, adds to our neverending store of faith & hope & love.

3 holding 5 by fire