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Subversive Saturday, 3-12-11

It's Subversive Saturday!*


What won't I do today?

I won't:

Clean out this entire pantry.


{Though I will devote a frenzied 20 minutes to it.

Timed.  No more, no less}.


Read this book


cause I feel like reading this one instead!


I won't go to the Home & Garden Show which I have seen advertised repeatedly on TV.  Why?  Because it will no doubt cause me to say such things as

Oh, we could do that!


Oh, Let's do this!

And I know from experience that such statements always cause me trouble in the end; thus I refuse to even contemplate it.

And I will not sit on my rear end in this chair all day, writing.



We have moved the desk to the library, and I plan to work here

for a while instead!

N.B.  I am beginning a Subversive Saturday Society.

Would you like to join?

Let me know!!

I'll even make a button!  

{But not today....}


*Subversive Saturday

Definition:  designed to overthrow government: intended or likely to undermine or overthrow a government or other institution  

Disclaimer:  Since I have no desire at all to overthrow any government in any way - Subversive Saturday is definitely not politically motivated or violent in any wayshape, or form. It’s my excuse to not do the things on my To Do list.  

This always proves much more difficult than one would imagine.