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Daybook, May 21, 2011

The Rapture: What to Wear.

{N.B.  It is now May 22, 2011.  The Sun is still shinning, we're all still here, one assumes God is in his/her heaven and all is right with the world (well, not really.....)

The Rapture did not arrive yesterday.  But the following post is still viable and I shall tell you why:  beause The Rapture could happen one day, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in 50 or 500 years, and one does so want to be prepared.

So read on dear reader!

(And yes I do think people will still like p.j.'s and levis in 500 years!)}


Much has been written and said about today's upcoming Rapture.  So I won't say anything more, aside from if it does happen I suppose I will be in total in total shock (or on my way to Heaven, I don't quite know honestly); if it doesn't happen I plan to post a lovely chicken recipe here later today.

Anyway - I have been wondering just what one wears to a Rapture.  Does one take one's body with one?

{If I have a say I'm definitely asking for my 17 year old body back.  This current edition has been giving me way too much trouble}.

 I do feel a need to plan on wearing something, as it's been unseasonably cold of late and one does so want to be prepared.

So - heels or muclucs?

 My feet 



Muc Lucs naturally! 

Levis and cute top or baggy, comfy p.j.s?


 Levis Marie Jeans


   Guess which I choose?

I do have one problem however:  I am way overdue on my visiting the hair colorist. 

I finally made an appointment, but couldn't get in till next Friday, May 27.

 I simply refuse to be Raptured with these roots.

 Also - does being Raptured mean going back to my original hair color?  

And exacty what color would that be?  The light, blondish brown I had as a child?  The darker hair which mysteriously arrived after the birth of my first child?  The (don't tell anyone) grey, which has sprouted, unwelcome, weird and wirey, since ....well...since it did.

This, my friends, is the true mystery of life:  what color will our hair be after The Rapture?  I'm voting for a bit of brown, lots of red and blond, perhaps a streak or three of hot pink.

After all, one is only Raptured once.

I think.