The Meeting
Character Flaws Which, As Yet, I Have Been Unable To Overcome

5 Facts Which Currently Bug Me

1-  The fact that America’s Got Talent is due to reappear soon.  As much as I adore Sharon Osbourne I just don’t know whether I can commit to being obsessed with this program one more summer.

It simply takes too much out of me.

2-  The fact that as soon as I began making progress on the treadmill I promptly became sick and stopped.  And naturally haven’t begun again.

This has happened before and I suspect a conspiracy.

3-  The fact that our courtyard isn’t yet finished, nor is the list of about 25 “Top Priorities” yet finished.

It’s exhausting just to look at and I am sorely tempted to bag it all and head for Disneyland.

4-  The fact that I would even consider embarking upon yet another mindless Disneyland vacation.  While I appreciate its mindlessness, its entirely surreal environment, its brain numbing music and ride after ride, and the lovely hotel we stay in where the beds and dishes magically make and wash themselves

(I suspect bluebirds),

I cannot BELIEVE

(and yes I know all caps means I’m yelling),

BELIEVE that I would even consider yet another venture into the magical kingdom just yet.

{I really want to go spend a couple of weeks at the Smithsonian.  Honest.}

5- The manner in which the sun currently slants across my desk now that it’s summer.

It’s totally obnoxious, confuses me as to where that damn light’s coming from, and breaks what little concentration I am still able to summon.

And that’s it for now.


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