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Rock, Dirt, & Grass

Life At Witt's End {5-10-12}


Little Bit isn’t feeling tip top today.

He suspects it’s due to “all the activity I've been having.”

He has been rather busy:  homeschooling (during which, to be quite honest, he has not been the most compliant of students); baseball games and practice, scout activities, soccer games and practices, a homeschool group which, though it only meets biweekly, seems to have consumed an inordinate amount of thought of late. 

As well as life in general:  legos, nerf gun battles, building a tree-house, protesting doing his chores, and of course the all important “Arguing For Video Games” and “The Watching Of The T.V.”.

{Evidently the latter two are sacrosanct in the life of a 9 year old boy in 2012.}

This morning, however, he seems to be under the weather.

He is wearing the same Mario beanie he’s been wearing for the past day or so.  (This is a recent development).  He claims to have a fever, an aching head, and feet which hurt. (“Both of them”). He is gazing languidly at the word search portion of his spelling unit; he is avoiding math and claims (extraordinarily), that listening to books on cd whilst driving in the car to mom’s allergy doctor “makes him amazingly sick”.


I’ve never heard that last one before.  Even Son & Heir, prone to the most violent of vomit sessions before we’d made it much further than the end of our driveway, always found it a pleasure and relief to settle in and listen to a book on tape or cd.

{Thus my tendency to dismiss Little Bit’s last complaint as “a whine”.} 

So we will continue onward in our day.  In a bit I shall gather my bag and a cd on tape, wriggle into my “going places sweats”, (yes that’s how life’s been of late), and with Mr. “I’m so Achy I needa watch RugRats” drive into town to receive an allergy shot, one in each arm.

Then, (sore arms and all), I’ll drive back again.  No doubt making a stop at Mickey D’s for one dollar large drinks all around and a sweet tea for me.

And by one o’clock, when Little Bit’s homeschool group meets, I expect his achiness will be forgotten and he will be up and raring to go.

Because that’s the way life works when you’re living it up here at Witt’s End; where the chores keep appearing, the laundry pile just touches the ceiling, someone is forever hungry for something we never seem to have, a computer is always waiting, and a person’s closet, (namely mine), is divided into stacks of “at home” and “going places” sweats.

Peace On, Rock Out, Live Long & Prosper, Share The Wealth.

{Do tell:  how’s your day going?}



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