Flash: Battle

Fascinating Pinterest Stuff


 I pin a plethora of fascinating crap stuff on Pinterest.

Such as this

 And this

And this…

But does anyone repin any of this good stuff?????


What do they repin (you are no doubt asking and if you aren’t you really should be ya know).

Well, they repin this

And this...

And this…

 Which, while evidently worthy of pinning (I did pin ‘em myself after all), still just aren’t as cool/interesting/offbeat/possibly offensive/ and overall pinable as the first three items.

{N.B.  I have also been known to pin some rather, um…. inappropriate items.  Items I find funny – bits of movies which appeal to my weird ass sense of humor, quotes and jokes which make me smile and which could possibly offend others.}

But we won’t discuss those here.

{Of course you could follow me on Pinterest and see what they are for yourself.}

And you may enjoy and repin them; depending on how weird ass your sense of humor is!

{But if you're offended please don't tell me.  My weird ass sense of humor is fragile and I really don't think I could handle that sort of rejection.}

Have a happy day Dear Reader!