Daybook April, 19, 2013
Dear John

Feeding My Pinterest Addiction


Naturally this week hasn't worked out exactly as I'd imagined.

{This always usually always happens to me.  You'd think I'd be used to it.}

Yet I'm not, and to calm myself; to attempt to get myself back on track after being derailed, naturally I decided to spend a few minutes hours minutes roaming around the web and, of course, checkout out Pinterest and Youtube.

And here, to brighten your day, are a few of the fascinating discoveries I discovered.

{Seriously, I'm the only one who knows about this stuff.  Would I make that up????}

First off this woman cracked me up.  (I'm still uncertain why, but there ya go...)

{Her "bitch slapped" look is funny.  Offensive...but funny.}

Plus she looks like a lot of people I used to know.  (In the 90's yeal, but still....)

Then there is this song.  It's sad, it's haunting, it has lovely lyrics, and I think I'm probably responsible for about a thousand of its nearly six thousand hits.

{Honestly it deserves more.  Give it a listen and tell me what you think!}



Next I went virtual shopping for a bit (which as we all know is a really really great way to shop as it brilliantly removes all that pain in the butt actually paying for it part).

I found this Way Cool Outfit (yes that's its official name)

Which of course I have absolutely no need of, and no idea where I'd wear it... Still...

And this Georgous Top, which I would certainly wear (assuming they ever let me actually leave the house....).

And these boots.  I love boots.  Honestly, I can't begin to tell you how very much I love boots.  {Love.  Not like.}

The last time I went Pinteresting and YouTubing I found myself (for some reason I still have failed to fanthom) watching actual movies on youtube.

Really - the entire movie.  And yes I did realize this was possible, I just never figured I'd be doing it.  

And you'll never guess which movies they were.  (Well, unless you check out the above link...)


Which just goes to show ya how weirdass life can become.  At any moment.

When you Least Suspect It.....

{Bwah hah hah....}

Happy Trails ;-)

  IOSW Mimsy Lou