Gratitudes Continued....
Five Ways To Positively Lose Weight



Yes I have been at it again.

Finding stuff on Pinterest, pinning stuff on Pinterest, repinning stuff on Pinterest.

It's an addiction and I'm totally ok with it.

Has it cost me anything?  No!  {Well, except that most prescious commodity which we all desire and can never get back:  Time.

But we won't go there.}


This would be a perfect top for Girly Girl.  Really - I feel certain I've discovered her motto for life.

And it's from Shakespeare.  Which totally pleases my Intellectual Badass Self!

{It's on my Advocacy Board.}


Little fierce


Naturally as the official beginning of summer draws near, I find myself looking forward to fall.

{I'm like that.}

And I also imagine myself owning one of these:

{From my (admittedly weirdly entitled) Stuff I Would Totally Wear Board.}

Ariosa Design


I'm not sure what to call it.  Thus far my official name for it is "That Wrap/Sweater/With The Fringes Thing".

Don't 'cha love it?

{Well - as much as one can love a "Wrap/Sweater/With The Fringes Thing".}


Speaking of food (we were weren't we???), don't these look good?

{From my Healthy)ier! Eating Board.  

Isn't that a coincidence?} 

Chicken skewers

I've also remembered how well one of these would fit into our home.

{I remembered it by noticing it on my Entertaining Myself board.}




And finally, (while at Entertainig Myself board, mentioned just above), I recalled how much this cracks me up.

{Because we all know it's just so true....}



Now, after all we've been through together you are following me on Pinterest aren't you?

{You should.  Really.

It's fun there.  And there's (virtual) food.  Which totally helps all the (virtual) clothes in your (virtual) Pinterest closet fit just fine.}


Till next time....

IOSW dolphin