Broken, Black Belts, & Botox
Mother's Day Done Right

What Mothers Really Want For Mother’s Day


~A volunteer to sort the Dreaded Sock Basket.

~Everyone to Just. Get. Along.

~A clean oven.  (I don’t dare wish for two clean ovens.  That’d just be silly).

~A dirty laundry pile which doesn’t touch the laundry room ceiling.

~That cute red chair currently holding the coffee maker out in the garage cleaned, repainted, and brought in here where it obviously belongs.  (I seem to recall being promised this for last Mother’s Day

And my Un-Birthday.)

~Botox – or some such something.

~A tummy tuck.

~A maid service (though to be honest I’d hafta clean before I let them in the door, so the entire thing would be a waste of time….)

~Cash.  {A great big ole pile of it.}

~Someone, anyone to put the mustard, ketchup, milk, leftovers, etc… back in the fridge where they go rather than the first random spot spotted.

~A magic pill or time turner to turn back time.

~Happy, Healthy Children.

IOSW penguin