6 Things I Need To Stop Doing
Small Stretches = Surprising Results

Stretching Myself


This is harder to do than it sounds, don’t you think?

We all begin with good intentions, usually at some sort of milestone:  the New Year, a birthday, some event in our lives which shakes us to the core and Wakes Us Up! 

We make promises to ourselves, we jot down lists, we begin Keeping Track: of our eating, of our workouts, a reading list, of the ways we hope and plan to succeed and further ourselves in personal and career areas.

But as I said, it’s hard.  The daily grind gets us down and before we know it that gym membership seems a waste of money, we’re back to sneaking a handful of chocolate chips along with those almonds as a “snack” when we think no one’s looking (but aren’t We always looking?), and going for that promotion or starting up that new business plan just seems fruitless, doomed to failure, and really not worth the bother.

In other words we psyche ourselves out and enable ourselves to fail.

{And, since this is totally depressing, we then eat ice cream.}

So what to do?  Is there an answer?

Of course there is.  You begin small.  Well, smallish.  {Since I am an over the top kinda person and truly don’t like the idea of beginning small.}

First envision what you want.  To have a better relationship with someone?  To get ahead at work?  To lose that twenty pounds which has made looking in the mirror way too painful for way too long?

Make a three or six month plan. 

Or even one month; this is an entirely doable beginning.  Select three specific things you want to change.  Muse these over a bit, ask for the input of a trusted someone if you’re so inclined, and then formulate a plan.

Keep it uppermost in your mind that this is only for a month.  If some part of it honestly isn’t working after that time period you can regroup, reassess, change and keep moving forward.

Again these don’t have to be major life changes, but something deeply important to you.  A seed if you will; nurtured and allowed to begin to sprout during this short season.

Don’t tell yourself you’re gonna lose that twenty pounds in the next month, cause that probably won’t happen.  But with healthy eating, watching portion sizes, and exercise I’ll bet you can lose around eight, perhaps more.

And then you’ll begin all over again the next month.

It’s really all about those cliché and (let’s face it), infamous baby steps we’re all pretty sick of hearing about.

{But you know what I think?  I think those pain in the butt baby steps work!}

So – our assignment for the next month (and ya know we all really really want to accept it), is to select three things we want to change – develop a plan to change them – and begin.

Let’s Stretch Ourselves.

Stretch our minds, our bodies, our horizons.  Get outta that comfort zone, dig your toes into the earth, wriggle your fingers toward the sky and reach!

What areas will you choose?  What goals will you set yourself? 

Have you unwittingly become a hermit the last year or so and wish to be more social?  Or is your problem the opposite:  too much social time, not enough introspection?

Are those few extra pounds getting you down?  Thinking it would be a great idea to strike up a conversation with that cute guy at work but can’t quite get yourself to do it?  Or would you simply like to tame the laundry pile monster, find your kitchen counter (you know it’s somewhere beneath all those dishes), or convince your child (who you love to pieces, we all know you do), to go to sleep at a decent hour so you can indulge in a bit of well deserved down time?

These are worthy goals all.  And the key to reaching them is thinking, planning, and stretching.

We’ll chat about this next time....

In the meanwhile, take a look at some of the ways I’ve Stretched Myself in the last six months or so.  And know I’m right there in the trenches alongside each one of you!

Lisa earth IOSW